Now more than ever the media is watching everything you do. If they can't get the answers from you, they're going to get them somewhere else, and someone else's answers may not be correct. But, can you be in control of what the media is reporting? With Trahan & Associates – Yes, you can!

This course teaches you how to get a handle on the media by organizing a communications plan and preparing to speak on camera.  You will learn how the media thinks and how to develop a message to reach them.  Find out what reporters want, need and expect.  In addition, this course shows you how to build good working relationships with the media, a factor often overlooked buy very important to maintain. 

Positive public relations doesn't just happen; it's a proactive job that takes focus and foresight.  Its is our belief that you must be aggressive in getting your message out to the public.  First, learn how to identify and fine-tune your company's message.  Then with our help, you will develop creative and innovative ways to promote that message throughout your community.


The Gumbo Soup of Media Training
Press Conferences That Really Work
Top Dog Barks First – The Spokesperson's Role
What to Say and How to Say it Right
Surviving an Interview and Still Looking Credible
Friend or Foe? – Media Relationships