Seminar Overview:

Participants will learn the three parts of an effective Media Relations Interview: Preparation for the interview, conducting the interview and interview evaluation. The seminar presents techniques for delivering, effective 10-12 second media soundbites that bridge to your key messages every time you speak to reporters.

Additionally, the four tenets of effectively dealing with the Media: Accessibility-Honesty-Humility and Accountability will be discussed during the workshop.

Seminar Outline:

 1. How to prepare yourself and others for the media standup interviews.

 2. The 3 C's-Control, Competence & Concern- of an effective Media Interview.

 3. The importance of developing at least three main talking points and three supporting messages.

 4. The importance of and how to effectively use non-verbals.

 5. KISS it with words & how to use them correctly during your interviews.

 6. How to create effective key messages that your audiences remember always! Using the 27-9-3 Command Messaging Technique.

 7. Bridging to your key messages every time.

 8. Listen-Pause-Think-Answer Method.

 9. Effective Opening Statements of 35-50 seconds.

 10. How to deliver effective closing statements that get aired.

 11. How to handle hostile reporters questions?

 12. 5-G X 5-B X 5-U questions & answers.

 13. How to STOP when you're finished!

 14. How to evaluate the effectiveness of your interview-Credibility-Accessibility and Believability.