Likely Questions

News Value Factors

Possible Positive Points


How many people or groups affected?
What’s the impact/effect on other operations?
What’s the cost?

Steps taken to minimize impact


When did it happen?
When did you find out?
When did you do something about it?

Quick response, good training


Anyone prominent involved?
Anyone prominent injured?
Prominent suspects/victims?
What’s his or her role?

We treat everyone equally


Where did it happen?
Where are the victims/survivors from?
Any local sources/local involvement?

Concern for various local “publics”
(Varies by location)


Has this ever happened before?
What are the odds of such an incident/accident/occurrence?

Talk about lessons learned or how your plan minimized impact.


What will happen next?
Anyone in trouble or facing disciplinary action?
When will you know the cause?

Talk about actions you’re taking.


How do you answer the charges made by _______?
Do you think this is really fair to _______?

Explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.


Any women, children or elderly involved?

Say what you’re doing to help.


Were there any women involved?
What is the nature of their relationship?

Protect individual privacy.
Treat men and women equally.

Current Trends

Any connections between this issue and other recent news stories about _______?

Explain differences or similarities between this and other such incidents.


Is this a first?
Is this new technology?
What are its potential applications?

We’re always looking for a better/faster/cheaper/more efficient method.